Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cleaning My Room

No, I didn't get the whole thing cleaned up, though I got more than I ever thought was possible in only two hours.

It all started when I had a set of D&D dice out, rolling up random stat arrays. I had my dice lying on top of my  Pathfinder core book, which was also serving as a surface for the die-rolling. Unfortunately, I managed to move in just such a way as to tilt the book, spilling the dice onto the floor--or, more accurately, onto the pile of sheets and clothes that covered that area of the floor.

I managed to recover all the dice except the d4. Thinking that I'd better find that little caltrop before I stepped on it, I started pulling stuff off the pile to check under it. As I stumbled upon old, worn-out socks with holes in them, I threw them away while I was there. I kept any socks that were in reasonably good shape, giving them a provisional reprieve until I could confirm whether or not they had a mate in decent shape.

After I'd cleared all the socks off the floor, I saw that there was a decent-sized bare spot. In fact, it was big enough to fit a hardcover roleplaying rulebook in. It occurred to me that I could open up a lot more floor space by putting all my RPG books in a stable stack on the floor (as opposed to on top of a shifting mound of old socks). So I rounded up my books and put all the current ones in one big stack, putting books from obsolete games like D&D 3.0 and Gurps 3e in a separate pile, to be taken to the Bookery or some similar place and sold. By the time that was done, I'd cleared up even more space. I actually had a lane of clear floor stretching halfway around my bed! All that from just a couple of little organizational tasks. If I can get such dividends from so (relatively) little investment of energy, I may be able to clean the whole mess out eventually.

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